Free Request for Application Upgrade

If some circumstances Her Majesty’s Passport Office does allow consumers to “upgrade” their application where by those consumers who have sent their application or renewal via the Standard 3-6 week service can upgrade and use the Fast Track 1 Week and Premium 1 Day services if it is important that the passport is received in a timely matter. By completing the below form with the applicants details our agent will contact the Passport Office in question and request that your application is sped up.

  • Complete the below form and our agent will contact the Passport Office in question and request the Application is upgraded.
  • Our agent will contact the Passport Office via Email & Fax in your name requesting that the application is either expedited where by the passport is posted quicker or offer that they allow you to collect the documents so that it can be lodged via the 1 week or 1 day service.
  • If you are unable to collect the documents in person we can have an agent collect them on your behalf and lodge their via the Premium 1 day or Fast Track Service.
  • You will then be able to text the word TRACK + Your Applicant ID to 07786 200 351 (standard rate text message) to request an update on your application at any time. Each time this text is received our agent will contact the Passport Office again requesting that they email or call you with an update.
  • For an adult application the standard renewal fee is £72.50 you will need to pay a further £33.50 if using the Fast Track 1 week service or £55.50 if using the Premium 1 Day service. If upgrading a childs application to the Fast Track 1 Week service then a further payment of £41 will be required.

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