Peterborough Passport Office

The Peterborough Passport Office is located as follows:

Peterborough Passport Office‎
Aragon Court
Northminster, Peterborough PE1 1QG

This Passport Office is located conveniently near to the town center, which means there are excellent transport links. If you are driving there is a multi- story car park nearby (the Market car park). If you are travelling by train, the station is a 5 minute walk to the passport office. The Passport Office is well signposted.

The opening hours for this office are as follows:

Monday to Friday- 8.00am to 5.00pm

Saturday- 9.00am to 3.00pm

This office is closed on Sundays.

For the majority of applications you will be required to send in passport photos. The criteria for these photos is very strict and applications are often rejected, due to the fact that photos do not adhere top these strict guidelines.

You must send in two identical photos along with your application. The photo must be 45 millimetres high by 35 millimetres wide, this is the size issued by photo booths. You must not use photos which have been cut down from a larger photograph. The photograph must have a light grey or cream background and must be clear and in focus. you must be looking straight ahead at the camera, you must have a neutral expression (i.e.) no smiling or frowning, you must not have anything covering the face or eyes or hair unless this is for religious reasons (i.e. turbans and headscarfs). The photograph should be of the subjects head and shoulders. The photograph must not have any shadows or glare.

For a childs passport pictures the rules are slightly more relaxed, if a child is under the age of 5, they are not required to look directly at the camera and have a neutral expression. If a child is under 1, their eyes are not required to be open.

By law you must keep your passport details up to date, or this may restrict your travel. An example of a situation where you would be required to apply for a new passport would be if you get married or choose to go back to your maiden name.

If you are getting married you can change your name on your passport up to a maximum of 3 months before the marriage ceremony, however the passport will not be valid until after the ceremony.

If you change your gender, you will be required to include additional supporting documents along with your application form, which you must sign using your new name.

– You will require a gender recognition certificate,

– A supporting letter from your GP or a medical professional, detailing the gender change and stating that this is likely to be a permanent change.

– A new birth or adoption certificate with your new gender.


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