Free Passport Status Tracking

Providing you have already sent your passport application form, photographs and supporting documents to one of the seven Passport Offices either yourself or via the Post Office you are welcome to use the below unofficial form to track the status of your British passport application or renewal. The red circle below shows where you the Application Tracking number that the form refers to.


Once the form has been submitted one of our agents will contact the Passport Office in question and secure an update on your application for FREE. This Passport Status Tracking tool provided by our unaccredited organisation has many benefits over the online form offered by the service including….

    • Our agent forwards the tracking enquiry directly to the Passport Office in question not to a generic call centre/department and an agent from that office will contact you.
    • Once submitted you will be able to text the word TRACK + Your Applicant ID to 07786 200 351 (standard rate text message) to request another update at any time. Every time this text is received our agent will contact the correct Passport Office for an update.
    • Or text CALL + Your Applicant ID to 07786 200 351 (standard rate text message) and our agent will request an adviser from the correct Passport Office to call you back.
    • The Agent assigned to you will email you weekly with Passport status update until it arrives.
    • These services are provided free of charge and can also be used by non-customers.

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