Guaranteed Passport

The usual process for obtaining a passport is to attend a passport office and either use the fast track or the premium service. The premium service means that you will be required to wait four hours; however, this can be inconvenient for some people. At British Passport Services we offer a service where we can arrange for an agent to attend Her Majesty’s Passport Office on your behalf and return your passport to you. We will process your application on your behalf which is convenient for customers who do not have time or are unable to attend an appointment. We will return your passport within 24 hours. Firstly, we would need to confirm that you are eligible for the 24 hour service. We will then require you to send in your application with all supporting documents and your photographs to our London office. We will then attend the London Passport Office on your behalf and send you back your new passport. There is a service fee (see below) which is separate from the fee which is due to Her Majesty’s Passport Office which is £128 for an adult passport or £106.50 for a child passport.

How to Receive a 24hr Passport

  1. Complete this online form using either your office or home address here
  2. A UK Services’ approved agent will be visiting to collect your passport application form, two photographs, your old passport (if you have it) and any supporting documents.
  3. The agent will then collect the documents from you, providing a receipt to ensure there safe return.
  4. Once received we will lodge your passport at the Passport Offices’ priority processing division.
  5. Your passport will then be then returned to you the following day by a UK Services agent.

This service is only eligible for those who qualify for a one day appointment at Her Majesty’s Passport Office. If we are unable to secure your appointment then you will be entitled to a 100% refund. We will not provide any further compensation. In the circumstance where the Passport Office requests to see you in person, you will get a refund on the service fee. This service is provided by UK Services & Support Ltd operator of who are not affiliated with Her Majesty’s Passport Office or the government. We do we have any ability to issue passports. We lodge passports on behalf of applicants, applicants can lodge the passport their selves or have an authorized person attend the appointment by issuing an Authorization Letter.


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