Liverpool Passport Office

The Liverpool Passport Office offers both the 1 week Fast Track and 1 Day Premium renewal services. An appointment is required before either service can be used.

As part of our service we can Book an Appointment for you at the Liverpool Passport Office >>>

As an unaccredited company we provide a range of value added services for UK citizens looking to secure a new passport. Our package and service fees can be avoided by visiting Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) directly or their Our of third party support and services can be found here>

What Type of Passport Application is Best?

There are a few different options available to British passport holders:

  • Premium Passport:  This is when a passport is processed within the same day, the turnaround time is typically four hours, however when booking appointments later on in the day you may reach the cut off point and may have to pick up your passport in the next day.
  • Fast Track Passport: The turnaround for the fast track service is one week. You will still require an appointment to submit your documents. This service is ideal with those with a later travel date. You do not collect this passport, it is is sent to your home address in the UK seven days later.
  • Regular Service Passport: This process can take as long as up to 8 weeks from when you submit your application through our third party website, or the Post Office. Both the Post Office and ourselves offer a document and photo compliance checking service for a modest fee. This can help save you from unnecessary delays.

What is Needed for the Passport Application?

A paper application form is required, two passport photographs and any supporting documents related to the application. For example if you are adopted you will need to include your birth or adoption certificate (if this is a first time application). It must be the original and not a photocopy.

If your passport has been lost or stolen you must include an LS01 form, which can be obtained online and from any UK post office. You must include information on how this occurred.

Some applications require a countersignature. This is necessary if the current or past passport has a photo in which the applicant can not be immediately identified. A countersignature will confirm your identity.

As part of our service we can Book an Appointment for you at the Liverpool Passport Office >>>