Appointment Queue Jumping

Due to all seven Passport Offices experiencing the highest level of applications for 10yrs and the news coverage surrounding the back log of applications with many consumers concerned that they will not receive their passport before they travel we have introduced a  “Queue Jumping” service where by those consumers who are travelling urgently due to a family holiday/work engagement or family bereavement receive priority access to lodge their passport over those who have stated that they have no immediate need for the passport. Need an Urgent Same or Next Day Appointment? >>

Urgent Applications Pushed to Front of the Queue

The service predominantly operates a “first come first serve” policy where as an applicant who is travelling in 2 months’ time and is looking to book an appointment at the office is given the same priority as a consumer who is travelling for their annual holiday in two days time and has just realized their passport is out of date. Whilst Her Majesty’s Passport Office has been known to make exceptions to those who need to travel due to a family bereavement and other genuine cases of emergencies they fundamentally operate a first come first, first serve policy and do not go to the extent of calling others in their calendar to see if they would be willing to lodge their application at a later date.

Whereas we operate a “needs based” policy where by because we are in a unique position in booking in many consumers as part of our passport package we now ask each customer when their travel date is and whether they would mind being flexible on the date that they lodge their passport application and would they be open to permitting another should another consumer contact us in urgent need of a passport. Those who are generous enough to give permission for their appointment to be used by another are added to our online Queue Jumping Website where by applicants in a hurry can login and exchange their current appointment with one sooner. A screen shot of the tool can be found below.


Change Your Appointment 24/7 Online

By having us secure your booking via our package you will able to change your appointment 24hrs a day by logging into our website and choosing another appointment time and date. Whether you need to move your appointment date closer due to travelling urgently or move it back due to a change of plans you can do so in real time by using our online resource. This brand new online resource introduced in July 2014 for the first time means that consumers no longer have to call back and wait on hold to cancel or re-arrange their appointment. This tool allows you to change it at any time from anywhere in the world.

Cant Find the Date You Need? – Free Alerts


Even when you login to our Queue Jumping website should you still not be able to secure the time and date that you require for visiting the Passport Office as part of your membership to the site you can setup FREE alerts which can be delivered via SMS, email, fax or phone which will send an immediate notification should your requested time and date become available. This saves you having to call the helpline number or login to the Queue Jumping website at random trying your luck to see if you can secure the appointment that you want. Our services gives you the best chance of securing the time and date that you want and gives you complete flexibility allowing you to move back or forward your appointment 24hrs a day. Choose Your Ideal Appointment Time & Date Now >>>

What About the Original Applicant?

We ask for explicit consent from each applicant that makes a booking through our service whether they can be flexible with the date that they lodge their application. Those who advise us that they can be flexible have their appointment added to the Queue Jumping tool. Should their appointment be requested by another applicant then we will contact the original customer one last time to confirm that they are still happy to forfeit their appointment providing they give their permission for a second time we contact the Passport Office the appointment is booked under cancel the appointment and then re-book it in the new applicants name as well as arrange a new appointment for the original consumer at a convenient date.

Access to Queue Jumping Resource

You receive  access to the Queue Jumping Service by completing our online form as part of our passport package as it comes of one of the value added services that we offer to consumers as part of the service fee that you pay us. We will book you an appointment based on your requested first choice dates. If there are not suitable or should circumstances change then you will be able to login to our Queue Jumping Resource and move your appointment date forward at any time. Click here if you would like us to book you a Passport Office Appointment >>>