Free HMPO Letter Templates

Depending on the type of passport application or renewal you may need to provide a supporting letter or letters to the Passport Office before your application can be accepted. Being that some consumers have outlined that they have found it difficult to locate a template for these forms on the resource or in the guide book that accompanies passport applications we now offer a service where by within 1-2hrs of receiving the request one of agents will use the submitted data to create a compliant letter on your behalf for free.

Whilst these are not the official templates provided directly by Her Majesty’s Passport Office they follow the guidelines set out by HMPO and so are accepted by all seven Passport Offices nationwide.

Once our agent has created the letter they will deliver it to you via Fax, Email or the Post FREE of charge.

Create Adult Authorization Letter – If another person is attending the appointment for an applicant who is over 16yrs of age then the applicant will need to provide them with a signed Authorization Letter in a format that is acceptable to Her Majesty’s Passport Office. Should they attend without the letter or provide a letter that is not acceptable to the Passport Office then the application will not be accepted. We can create an Authorization Letter in a format that will be accepted by all seven Passport Offices nationwide for you for FREE. Click here to Request an Authorization Letter for an Adult Now >>>

Create Child Authorization Letter – If you are attending the appointment of an applicant who is under 16yrs of age then you will require an Authorization Letter unless you are the parent or guardian of the applicant where by so long as you provide the Passport Office with your identification on the day of the appointment you will be able to lodge your childs application without the need of an Authorization Letter. It is the parent or guardian of the child who gives permission for friend/family member/colleague or agent to lodge the childs application not the child themselves. Click here to Request an Authorization Letter for a Child Now >>>

Create Second Passport Request Letter – If you require a duplicate passport which means two passports in one applicants name active at the same time then you will need to request permission for this from Her Majesty’s Passport Office. Typically consumers can only have one active passport at a time however if you can prove it is essential that you need two i.e. for work purposes then the Passport Office will permit a duplicate passport to be printed. The best way to obtain permission for a duplicate passport is to have your employer sign a letter outlining why you require a second passport. The agent will create the Second Passport Request letter in a format that is accepted by the Passport Office. Create Second Passport Request letter Now >>>

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