Free HMPO Letter Templates

Depending on the type of passport application or renewal you may need to provide a supporting letter or letters to the Passport Office before your application can be accepted. Being that some consumers have outlined that they have found it difficult to locate a template for these forms on the or details of what they need to say in the passport guidebook we hope the below will be of assistance.

Adult Authorization Letter – If another person is collecting the passport for another applicant then the applicant will need to provide them with a signed Authorization Letter in a format that is acceptable to His Majesty’s Passport Office. Should they attend without the letter or provide a letter that is not acceptable to the Passport Office then Passport Office staff will not hand over the new passport.

The format should simply be: “I give [FULL NAME] permission to collect my new passport [YOUR FULL NAME] (as written on your passport)“. It should then be signed and dated and the individual collecting the passport should bring their ID with them.

Child Authorization Letter – If you are collecting the passport for an applicant who is under 16yrs of age then you will require an Authorization Letter unless you are the parent or guardian of the applicant where by just your ID showing this will be sufficient. If you are giving permission for a friend/family member/colleague to collect your childs passport then they will need an Authorisation Letter like the above but signed by one of the two parents/guardians.

Create Second Passport Request Letter – If you require a second passport as in two passports active at the same time because you travel a lot for work you MUST provide a letter from your employer stating that this is the case. It needs to be on company letter head, provide confirmation that this is indeed needed for work and then signed and dated by a manager at your organisation. You should also in the letter of footer include contact details for your employer encase an examiner wants to reach out to your employer.