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The aim of this website is to become the UKs leading unaccredited passport information and advice resource providing as much valuable how to information on the British passport application and renewal process to all consumers whether they use our optional value added services or chose to go directly to Her Majesty’s Passport Office via the resource.

Due to some consumers reporting to us that they find the information on the resource to very limited and we are keen to grow this website to be a destination website, an unofficial Wikipedia if you will for the passport application and renewal process which complements the official advice provided by the official advice provided by We welcome you to use any of the below services at no charge.

Request Free Passport Application Formworld_flags1We can arrange to have up to five passport application forms (the same as the forms found at local Post Offices) sent to you via the post at no charge (no postage fee). Our back office will manually arrange for these to be sent and you should receive them within 3-5 working days. Using this service also entitles you to other free services and there is no Terms & Conditions to read nor commitment to follow through with your passport application or renewal at this time. You will also be able to text ANOTHER to our standard rate number should they not arrive within 5 days to request that we arrange for replacements to be sent. Request Official Passport Application & Renewal forms now >>>

Official Passport Application Form Translated into 50+ Languagesworld_flags1We appreciate that some consumers who were not British at birth but have been naturalized British since may still have difficulty reading and writing in English and so we have translated Her Majesty’s Passport Offices’s application and renewal form into 50+ languages which you are welcome to use at no charge. This is “read only” application form it cannot be completed online or printed off and used to submit to the Passport Office. You will need a free paper version of the 04 form available online or from major Passport Offices. Passport Application Form Translation here >>>

Sent Passport Application off? Check Passport Status Now – statusIf you have already sent off your passport application form, photographs and supporting documents to the Passport Office we can assist you with tracking the status of the passport. One our agents will contact the Passport Office in question and request that they email you or call you back with an update on your application status. We will also email the Passport Office weekly until your passport arrives. In addition to this we will save your details on our system so that you simply need to text the word STATUS at to our standard rate number to request another update. During working hours our agents will request this update within 30 minutes of your request. This service is provided free of charge to all consumers. Request Passport Status update >>>

Free Access to Passport Forms PDF Library form archiveFinding all of the correct passport forms to successfully apply for or renew your British Passport used to be a challenging affair for some. With them scattered across the website and not under one directory. We have solved this problem by compiling a range of the most commonly used forms in one place for your convenience. Simply click here to visit the archive. Forms that we have complied include the LS01 Lost and Stolen form, payment forms for paying via credit or debit card, help guides for UK and overseas applications, a guide on who can and cannot counter sign Section 10 and the difficult to find Second Passport Request and Authorization Letter templates that are essential documents for some applicants.

Create Free Authorization Letter for FreestatusIf someone else a friend/colleague/partner/agent is attending your appointment or you are attending anothers appointment on their behalf unless it is for a child (under 16yrs of age) of which you are the parent or guardian then you will need to bring a signed Authorization Letter to the appointment letter in order for the Passport Office to permit you to collect the passport. Our agent can create you an approve Authorization Letter (usually within 1-2hrs) at no charge and can either send it to you via email, fax or post. Once received the applicant simply needs to sign it and provide it to the person attending their appointment. Request a Free Authorization Letter for an Adult here >>> or for a Child (under 16yrs of age) click here >>>


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