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UK Passport Advice & Services

This website provides third party information and services relating to applying for or renewing a British passport. We operate on an unaccredited basis claiming no government or Passport Office connection or endorsement. We offer a number of optional value added services such as Queue Jumping, Document Checking, Passport Lodging & collection services. If you do not require assistance with your application then our services & charges can be avoided entirely by applying directly to His Majesty’s Passport Office via Gov.uk.







You can find the passport fee and our per applicant admin charge below. We offer a range of other third party services which you can say yes or no to when completing the online form. Our Queue Jumping Service for example has helped saved countless applicants from missing their family holiday or business trip.

Passport Fees > Child (£) Adult (£) Our Charge (£) Total From (£)
3-6 Week Passport 57.50 88.50 30 87.50
7 Day Passport Service 135.50 166.50 30 165.50
1 Day Passport Service N/A 207.50 30 237.50

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It completely depends on your needs, travel plans and budget as to which passport application or renewal process would best suit your needs. Some applicants who are time poor or who do not reside near one of the UK’s seven HM Passport Offices receive a lot of value from the Passport Office Appointment Exemption Service whilst others who are travelling in a matter of days and need to have their appointment shifted up the queue generate a lot of value from the Queue Jumping Service and so if you are not sure which service/s are right for your circumstances please feel free to get in touch with us via any of the contact details below…

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There are just 7 authorized offices in the UK located in Belfast, Glasgow, Durham, Newport, London, Liverpool and Peterborough all operated by His Majesty’s Passport Office all of which have the ability to issue standard, Fast Track and Premium British Passports. Someone needs to attend an appointment to lodge the application or collect the passport. Our third party organisation can provide an agent to attend for the applicant, the applicant can attend themselves or they can authorise a friend or family member to attend for them.

UK Passport Application & Renewal Process (3-6 weeks)

The most common way to apply for a UK passport is using the standard application and renewal process using the paper official 04 form or Gov.uk resource. Applicants can also benefit from a basic “Check & Send” service provided by most major Post Offices throughout the UK where the application form, supporting documents and two passport size photographs are checked by a trained clerk to confirm that they will be accepted by HM Passport Office. This route has a 4-8 week processing period and so is not ideal for those travelling soon.

Our third party organisation can assist you with your application/renewal and provide you a compliance check (charged at £16 from Post Offices), the use of our mobile app to do your passport photographs (£8 saving) and ongoing support until the day the passport arrives all for a £30 admin fee (which can be refunded if you are not happy with our service). If you are travelling within the next 6 weeks then you should consider using the Fast Track 1 Week or Premium 1 Day express passport services. Need an Urgent Passport? >>>

Fast Track Renewal Service (7 Days)

You can reduce the passport renewal process by up to 5 weeks by using the one week Fast Track Service. However this service can only be used for British nationals who have held a UK passport in the past and are day7renewing it or replacing a lost/stolen/damaged passport. This service cannot be used by those who are 16 or over if they have not had a British passport before (including those who were on their parents passport). Those who are 15 or younger can use the Fast Track service, even if its their first UK passport. We can book a Fast Track Appointment for you as part of our third party services and support.

Premium Service (1 Day)

With the Premium Service an applicant can renew their current passport or secure a replacement within 4hrs of lodging a passport at one of 7 Passport Offices, this service cannot be used for first time adult or child day1passports. The applicant or an authorised person needs to attend the appointment / collect the passport from HM Passport Office. Passport Advice & Services can provide an authorised person act on behalf of the applicant for an additional £50 fee. It is important to state that you cannot just turn up to a Passport Office to lodge your application, an appointment is needed. We can book a Premium Appointment for you as part of our third party services and support.