Application Types

There are three ways to apply for or renew a British passport. These are as follows….

Standard Application & Renewal Process (3-6 weeks)

With this process you apply via the post and simply need to post an 04 Passport Application form, your old passport, two passport size and quality photographs, payment for the passport fee along with any required supporting documents to His Majesty’s Passport Office and wait 4-8 weeks for the new passport to arrive.

If lodging directly with HM Passport Office via website you will pay £53.50 for a child’s passport (0-15yrs of age) or £82.50 for an adult passport (those who are 16yrs+). This fee is payable to His Majesty’s Passport Office as soon as you post the documents to them.

Fast Track 1 Week Service (7 Day Passport)

This can only be used by adult applicants if they have held a British passport in the past. It can however be used by children (under 16yrs of age) providing they are British citizens for their first UK passport. With this service the applicant or parent or guardian of the applicant will need to book an appointment (which we can do for you) and visit one of the seven Passport Offices in person to lodge the application.

If booking direct via the passport fee is £126 for a child or £155 for an adult application/renewal payable in advance. If booking via a third party such as ourselves an additional admin fee will apply for access to our third party services and support.

Travelling to the Passport Office incurs time, travel and potentially accommodation expenses and so you may wish to use our Passport Office Appointment Exemption service  where by you simply post your documents off to our Head Office and then we send a agent to attend the appointment on behalf of the applicant. You can request that we book you a Fast Track Appointment for you here >>>

Premium 4hr Renewal (1 Day Passport)

If it is essential that you receive a new passport today or within the next few days then you should consider using the Premium 1 Day service. With this service you will receive your new passport within 4hrs of lodging your application at one of the seven Passport Offices.

The passport fee for this service is £155 (payable at HM Passport Office) and can only be used for those over 16yrs of age who have held a British passport in the past. You can upgrade the passport from a standard 35 pages to a “jumbo” 50 page passport for £11. As of February 2014 His Majesty’s Passport Office no longer extend this service to those under 16yrs of age, they must now use the standard or Fast Track 1 week service.

Optional Third Party Services

Our independent organisation provides a range of third party services including: document checking, Queue Jumping Service and an optional Passport Office Appointment Exemption saving you time, travel and accommodation expenses as well as many other value added services for an additional fee.

It depends on your circumstances whether our services (from £30 per applicant) will be of value to you or you would prefer to book direct with His Majesty’s Passport Office via the website. That being said all of our services and charges are refundable should they not meet your expectations.