London Passport Office

Since April 2023 the London Passport Office has moved from the Victoria area to 1 minutes walk from the Excel arena in East London. The nearest train station is Custom House which is served by the District Light Railway (DLR) and the new underground service, the Elizabeth Line.

As part of our service we can Book an Appointment for you at the London Passport Office >>>

Our unlicensed organisation provides a range of third party services for UK citizens who are in the process of replacing or renewing their passport. Our services (found here >) are optional and our charges can be avoided doing direct to His Majesty’s Passport Office via if you do not require our support.

Who Is Eligible to Get a British Passport?

To obtain a passport. You must have British nationality, i.e. you are a British citizen, you have been naturalized in the UK, you have British citizenship, you are a British subject, you are a British protected person.

However, there are some circumstances which may mean that you do not get a British Passport, such as:

  1. You are the suspect of a major crime, or an arrest warrant has been issued for you,
  2. There is a court order in place to prevent you from traveling or holding a passport,
  3. Your bail conditions state you cannot leave the country,
  4. The government brought you back into the country and your debts have not been paid,
  5. You have a European Union or a United Nations order restricting your ability to travel.

Premium Service (1 Day)

The premium service allows you to get your passport in four hours from your appointment time, providing your application is successful and all supporting documents required are present.

Fast Track Service (7 Days)

The Fast Track passport service allows you to receive your passport through the post within one week of the London office accepting your application.

Arrive Early

When attending your appointment it is essential that you arrive 15 minutes early, in order to pass through security.  You must bring everything you need, this is explained in the accompanying booklet which comes with your passport form. Getting the application right, ensures that there are no delays in processing your passport.

As part of our service we can Book an Appointment for you at the London Passport Office >>>