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Through our unaccredited website you can fax Her Majesty’s Passport Office in three different ways. Consumers are reminded that they should only contact the Passport Office directly if they have already sent off their application. The local offices do not provide passport advice and assistance to applicants there is a central 0300 helpline on Gov.uk that manages enquiries for all 7 Passport Offices and so this should be used.

pdf-upload(1) Upload a file to Fax for FREE

Simply click on this form, attach the PDF, Word, JPG or PNG file, select the Passport Office you would like the document sent to and our agent will fax it to the requested Passport Office within 60 minutes of receiving your attachment. This service is FREE for consumers as we will pay the cost of printing your document and faxing it to the regional Passport Office. Upload a Fax to Send to the Passport Office Now here >>>

create-and-send(2) Write a Fax to Send to Passport Office for FREE

By using this online form you can create a message that our agent will print and fax to the Passport Office that you need to contact. We will fax it to the Passport Office that you have sent the application to directly. Not a generic call centre. Although we incur charges in printing your document and faxing it to the Passport Office we do not charge consumers for using this service. Create a Fax Online to Send to the Passport Office >>>

faxing(3) Fax Passport Office Directly
You can fax any of the seven Passport Offices directly by using the below landline numbers which are charged at a standard rate. Faxes do not go to a call centre or central location they are delivered to the local office. If you are sending a fax from overseas please add +44.

Passport Office

Fax Number

Email Directly

Call Back Request


 0289 078 9466Email Office >>Request Call Back >>


 0191 370 7140Email Office >>Request Call Back >>


 0141 342 1136Email Office >>Request Call Back >>


 0151 471 2925Email Office >>Request Call Back >>


 0207 901 2231Email Office >>Request Call Back >>


 0163 347 3712Email Office >>Request Call Back >>


 0173 388 8142Email Office >>Request Call Back >>

You should only fax, email or request a call back from one of the above Passport Offices if you have already sent off your application to Her Majesty’s Passport Office. If you have not yet sent off your application you can secure advice and assistance from the 0300 helpline on Gov.uk open 8am to 8pm.

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