It has been confirmed that the Independent Adjudicator or the Advertising Standards Authority’s investigations has found a “serious flaw” in the executives investigation of our website and the subsequent decision that the ASA council made to upheld the complaint against this third party website operated by UK Services & Support Ltd in stating that our website would likely mislead consumers into believing that our company would be confused with Her Majesty’s Passport Office or service and that consumers would believe that they were paying for the passport fee when paying our private company fees.

The Independent Adjudicator agreed that there was a serious error in not referencing the Consumer Experience into Copycat websites research that it commissioned in the early part of 2014 which investigated how consumers interacted with third party websites, also known as “copycat” websites by the Advertising Standards Authority and ordered that the  case be re-opened with the council making an informed decision based on the findings of 1000 random consumers.

Details of this research can be found here:

At the time of posting.

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