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UK Passport Offices

This website provides information on all seven regional Passport Offices throughout the United Kingdom. There are just 7 authorized offices in the UK located in Belfast, Glasgow, Durham, Newport, London, Liverpool and Peterborough all operated by Her Majesty’s Passport Office all of which have the ability to issue standard, Fast Track and Premium British Passports. There are three ways to secure a Passport.

You can apply via the Standard Application Process which takes up to 6 weeks to receive your passport in the post, use the 7 Day Fast Track service or the 1 day Premium Service both of which require the applicant to attend a Passport Office appointment in person alternatively an Authorized Person can attend the booking on their behalf. Whist there are Downloadable Passport Application Forms (PDF) including the official C1 form they cannot be taken to the Passport Office as only the 04 form from the Passport Office and Post Office branches are accepted. These forms are assessment forms provided by third parties.

While this website is not affiliated to Her Majesty’s Passport Office or any government department we are proud to provide independent advice and assistance to British Citizens who are looking for assistance in applying for their first passport or renew a current passport this website and the services that we provide can help walk you through the entire process. Speak to a Live Operator Now >>>

Standard Application & Renewal Process (4-6 weeks)

The most common way to apply for a first time passport or secure a renewal or replacement is to complete the Passport Office’s 04 Application Form which can be secured from any major Post Office or from Her Majesty’s Passport Office directly. In addition to the applicant completing the form a counter signatory may also be required to confirm the identity of the applicant. This can no longer be a doctor or solicitor and must be someone who has known the applicant for a minimum of 2yrs and not related by blood or marriage. Begin Passport Application or Renewal Process here >>>


Fast Track Renewal Service (7 Days)

You can reduce the passport renewal process by up to 5 weeks by using the Fast Track passport renewal service. However this service can only be used for British Citizens who have held a UK passport in the past and are day7renewing it or applying for a replacement due to loss, theft or damage. This service cannot be used by those who over 16yrs if they have not had a British passport in the past of their own or been included on a parents UK passport. If the applicant is over 16yrs of age and this is their first passport then only the Standard Application Service can be used. To take advantage of the Fast Track service the applicant will need to first book an appointment and then attend the Passport Office or have an Authorized Person attend the appointment at the regional Passport Office. You can book a Fast Track Appointment here >>>

Premium Service (1 Day)

With the Premium Service an applicant can renew their current passport or secure a replacement within 4hrs of lodging a passport at one of 7 Passport Offices, this service cannot be used for first time adult or child day1passports. The applicant will need to attend the regional office in person or send an Authorized Person to attend the meeting on their behalf. Whilst this is the most expensive way to renew a passport with a cost of £128 for an adult or £106.50 for a child it is the best service to use if you require an Emergency Passport. Whilst all seven Passport Offices offer this service it is important to state that you will need an appointment in order to secure a same day passport, you will not be able to turn up to the office without first securing a time and date for when you can lodge your documents. You can book a Premium Same Day Appointment here >>>

Official Passport Office Notice

Her Majesty’s Passport Office does advise consumers that they should expect to wait up to 3 weeks from the date they request a Fast Track or Premium Same Day booking before they are allocated an appointment. Whilst this 3weekavaries from office to office and there is more availability out of season (October to March) the Passport Office does advise that it could be up to 3 weeks before you receive an appointment. You cannot attend any office without first securing an appointment. Need a Passport Urgently? Use the GUARANTEED Passport Service >>>